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  • Club Contacts
  • Purpose of the Eagleby Giants
  • Sports Chaplain
  • Registration 
  • Training Times and Venue / Team Fees
  • Fundraising / Team Management Staff
  • Volunteer Team Duties / Blue Cards / First Aid / field set up
  • Canteen / No Alcohol / Playing Field Access / Playing in another Age group
  • Uniform and equipment
  • Trophies / Advertising and Sponsorship
  • Club Website / Insurance
  • On Field Incidences / Victory Club Songs 
  • Complaints and Resolution
  • Code of Conducts
  • Site map
  • Code of Behaviour – Parents, Supporters and Officials

Site Map 

Bishop St Park Eagleby


Club Officials

Executive Committee

  • President : Arthur Joyce

           M : 0422 261 286

           E :


        .  Vice President : Nick Carroll

            M : 0431 025 799

            E :


  •  Secretary : Jeff Barnes

            M : 0411 364 712

            E :


  • Treasurer : Tendai Bvanzawabaya

            M : 0413 693 181

            E :     


Postal Address

Eagleby Giants JRLFC

PO BOX 5236 Eagleby Q 4207

Email :





This document has been published by the Eagleby Giants JRLFC Committee as a guide and expectation for all members, but reserves the right to make isolated decisions in special circumstances. The Executive Committee will resolve any conflict.



 No one is entitled to authorise or use the Eagleby Giants logo on any goods or documents without first seeking approval of the full Executive Committee.



 The Eagleby Giants aim to promote, foster, support and encourage the playing of Rugby league Football and all matters related as well as providing an affordable sporting club, which will allow all families the opportunity to play rugby league.

As a rugby league club the Eagleby Giants will promote values, morals and healthy living and also promote friendship and a positive attitude towards officials and fellow players building family based culture where parents, guardians and children feel safe, respected, supported and valued.



The Giants Creed 

At the Eagleby Giants

We always…

Use encouraging words

Believe in ourselves

Play to our best ability

Listen to our coach

Support our teammates


Dream Big + Live Large



The Eagleby Giants follow the 3 “L’s”

  1. 1.  Loyalty to the Club
  2. 2.  Loyalty to teammates
  3. 3.  Loyalty to sponsors



The Purpose of the Eagleby Giants

As a junior rugby league football club we will provide an opportunity for people aged 5 years to 15 years old and as of 2014 adults over 18 to represent the Eagleby community playing rugby league. Our club philosophy is that we may assist in not only teaching football skills but also mentoring in life skills.

We are based at Bishop St Park 1 Bishop St Eagleby [ aAross the road from Eagleby 7/ELEVEN servo.

The purpose of the Eagleby Giants is to develop a strong culture that will assist the players to not only become good footballers but also good people. As Eagleby is a low socio / economical area many children live in hardship and because of this we have chosen the name and slogan:

Eagleby Giants = Dream Big + Live Large

We want all players to know that they are big and strong enough to achieve whatever they put their minds to and with discipline, sacrifice and hard work they can be successful in life.

 We aim to build a family club that will help Eagleby create a new community spirit and take pride in the achievements of the children.  The Giants colours will be Royal Blue/Navy Blue/white.  These colours have been chosen as they are non aggressive fresh and clean and it’s all apart of the ‘new Eagleby’ that we are trying to create. All duty officials will be required to wear the team supporter shirts to show community unity.

 There will be no alcohol allowed at home games or club functions as we don’t want the children to grow up associating alcohol with sport.  We will be teaching the children about making smart choices in life and the importance of living healthy and treating their body as a temple.



Currently sports chaplains fulfill roles within the following sport codes in Australia: Test and Shield Cricket, Motor Racing, Tennis, Rugby League, Rugby Union (Including the Brumbies), Australian Rules, Basketball, Athletics, Softball, Baseball, Soccer, Golf, Skiing and Winter Sports, AIS, Masters Games, Fishing, Sports Academies, Camping and Adventure, Extreme Sports, Paralympics, Lawn Bowls, Pony and Horse Clubs, Commonwealth and Olympic Games, Surf Lifesaving, Netball, V8 Supercars, Grand Prix, Moto GP and the Surfing World Tour, plus other local ACT sports clubs.

As the Eagleby Giants official Sports Chaplain, Nicholas’s primary role is to ensure the immediate and eternal wellbeing all those involved in the club, whether it be professional or non-professional, including, supporters, players and their families, coaches, staff and other officials through the provision of proactive pastoral care. His services will provide members of the club with the following support lines, just to name a few: 

  • A way to deal with difficult community issues like, discontent, peer pressure, suicide etc.
  • Someone to assist with, defuse and respond to personal problems faced by personnel, like drugs and alcohol addictions, depression, friendship and relationship issues, judiciary appointments, anger management issues, etc.
  • Help during the difficult times of tragedy faced by individuals or the club as a whole, like grief or personal loss, death and or divorce etc.
  • Someone neutral for players to talk too, offload and be encouraged by other than a coach, manager or parent.
  • A friend during the good and tough times in sport.


Nicholas Carroll is an accredited  Sports Chaplain / school chaplain and is a founding member of the club, plus he is a current committee member.





     .  per player $200

     + Game day fee $10





  • $200 per player
  • $10 game day fee


All registered players receive a ‘Giants player pack’

         . Footy Jersey

         . Footy Shorts

         . Footy Socks

 Please note : Players will not receive starter pack until FULL registration fee is payed. 


The QRL supplies clubs with all Registration online at PLAY NRL.COM and all players must be correctly registered prior to taking the field.

The Rugby League Brisbane requires ALL players to have photo identification.




New Players

An original Birth Certificate or Passport must be sighted by a Club Official to complete the registration process (Original ONLY – not a photocopy)






No player is entitled to take the field in grading or fixture matches unless the team manager is able to produce at the field, the player’s necessary RLB Identity Card or have confirmed their eligibility to play with the Club Registrar. Penalty for playing an unregistered player can be up to $500 imposed by the GBJRL and also means the player is not insured during the game.

 Teams may be responsible in meeting this penalty cost, therefore full diligence is required to ensure only registered players participate in official matches.



 JUNIORS Teams (under 6-15 yrs)

Junior Girls Teams [under 13-17yrs]

 Training and all home games played at

Bishop St Park Eagleby

Across from Eagleby 7/11 servo



  • The Eagleby Giants will officially start training at 4pm 4th February 2021
  • Home games will be played on Sunday mornings.


SENIORS Mens Team (Open 2)

SENIORS Womens ! Team

  • Training at Bishop St Park Eagleby
  • Training 
  • Per Season Training Starts 530pm Tuesday 7rd Jan 2021


Team Game Day Fee

 The Game Day Fees amount for 2021 is $10.00 each game for ALL Junior players.  NO PAY NO PLAY

If a player is unable to attend weekend game parent / guardian must notify team Manager / coach or committee member the night before game day.  If parent / guardian fail to notify team / club they will be required to pay $10 game day fee. This fee must be paid before the next game.



Club Fundraising

All members are asked to participate and help with all club fundraising ventures. The more money raised allows the club fees to remain at a minimum and provides better facilities and equipment for the kids. If you have any ideas for fundraising activities please raise them with the fundraiser Coordinator as we are always looking for new ideas.

 All parents/guardians are required to sell ALL raffle tickets that team officials or fundraising coordinators hand out. Fundraising coordinators will not accept any un-sold raffle tickets.  Fundraising is a vital part of the financial future of the Eagleby Giants teams.

ALL teams are to fundraise for there individual team.


Any person or persons found breach of club rulesvwill be dealt with by the Executive Committee.

Any directives by club staff must be followed for your child’s protection and safety.


Team Management (staff)

Each team requires a dedicated coach, manager, trainer who is a league safe officer (assistant coach), first aid officer, touch judge, 2 duty and a fundraising representative.  The club meets all training required for any of these positions and will reimburse all payments at completion of course.  Participation of at least one parent for each of these positions is mandatory and if a team can not fill all positions the team will not be able to compete in any games.   

The coach and team staffs are primarily responsible for the management and conduct of the team and must nominate a “manager” for acceptance by the club committee.  The manager is responsible for activities including team jersey’s, team finances and equipment and is to keep an open line of communication between team, club committee and parents.





All coaches, managers and fundraising coordinators are expected to attend monthly meetings.



Every team is required to provide two Duty Officials for every home game and one Visiting Duty Official for away matches. Responsibilities include verification of player registrations, crowd control [keepping persons behind the desanatated line or fence at all times] only officials, players,coaches,managers leaguesafe are to be in this area at any times. Safety and integrity of the players, referees and officials. No game will commence until the referee has been able to identify the Duty Official on the sideline. GBJRL bibs are available from the Team Manager and should be returned at the end of the game.


First Aid

The club will provide qualified first aid personnel at every home and away game.  The club will reimburse costs to obtain first aid qualifications.  Any member seeking initial or extended qualifications should speak with the team coordinator prior to undertaking a course.  First aid kits are provided by the club.



All Team officials must produce / obtain a current state government authorised suitability card (Blue Card) and are charged with the responsibility of ‘duty of care’ of all players under their control.  Club approval must be sought for any team activity which falls outside of the nominated training regime.  A signed club register of all used equipment will be maintained.

 Child Safety Risk assessment:

 Must Have Blue Card for

  • Committee
  • Coaching roles
  • Team Manager
  • League safe
  • First Aid
  • Lines person
  • Duty official
  • Refereeing


 Not have Blue Card:

  • Fundraising were there is no contact with children
  • Canteen (as no children are allowed in the canteen) due to workplace health and safety



The team scheduled to play first at home on any particular field is required prior to that game assist the grounds person to “set up” the field equipment, including rubbish bins placement around the grounds. The last team to play on that field that day is required to return all the field equipment to the store room. The field surrounds should be left clean, including boot tape, rubbish tipped into the industrial bin and wheelie bins returned.



The canteen is propity Of Eagleby Giants and all cooking equipment must be respected at all times.

Our canteen is run by a canteen operator asigned by the committee.

NO children under the age of 15 years old  permitted inside the club’s canteen



The Eagleby Giants JRLFC Executive Committee has a policy of

 “NO alcohol” permitted at junior grounds on game days, training sessions or club function.           

There is no exception to this rule



During the course of a match, the only persons allowed inside the fence of the playing field are the players, referee, touch judges, sand and ball boys, first aid and league safe officers and Duty Officials. At no time should parents or others enter the field.This is to be done by the Duty Offixials Breaches of this policy will be dealt with accordingly by the Club Executive Committee in the first instance.



Under special circumstances, the Club Registrar may approve a player playing in an age group one year older. Approval may be given to play continuously in the older age group, but the player may not revert to their own age group unless on occasion, they have met their obligations and played for their own age group. Players are not required to have played a certain number of games in the older age group in order to have qualified to play in the finals.


Strong Club policy encourages appropriate players to support older teams when required, but dictates that younger players may only play in an older age group when:

  • When given permission from executive committee to be registered in an older age group (due to special circumstances)
  • the older team is short of players and no older player will be disadvantaged
  • the coach or manager of the older team must first approach the coach of the younger team
  • the player must demonstrate enthusiasm to play in the older team
  • the player's parents must approve
  • the receiving coach must be satisfied the player is competent to play safely
  • the sending coach must agree that his team will not be disadvantaged
  • the sending coach must reasonably extend the same opportunity to other players he thinks are suitable
  • The sending manager must reasonably make available the necessary registrations and I.D.'s and the receiving manager must ensure they are returned in a reasonable timeframe.



Any player leaving the club without notification will be for ALL purposes marked as “Inactive” and ineligible for any future club/player entitlements.




 Match jerseys are supplied to all teams at the commencement of the season and are purchased by means of sponsorship and fundraising.

 The team, by roster or volunteer, is responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of jerseys as per the following:

When excessively dirty or muddy, hose out excess mud prior to washing

  •  Use cold water and a mild (cold wash) powder
  • Hang them to dry from the bottom of the jersey
  • try to hang them in the shade
  • If hanging in the sunlight, turn inside out, to avoid fading
  • DO NOT use clothes dryers to dry jerseys
  • Report damage of jerseys to the Teams Coordinator


Official playing uniform and all appeal must be ordered though the Eagleby Giants club.

 is our only surplier.






Sponsors are the lifeblood of any club and the Eagleby Giants JRLFC would like to take this opportunity to thank all our wonderful sponsors. Please support our sponsors as they support us. All advertising and sponsorship must be coordinated and approved through the Executive Committee. Any member who is able to identify or communicate with a potential sponsor should continue that communication, but immediately inform the Executive Committee, so that some framework for agreement can be reached.



Check out the Eagleby Giants web site: or Facebook Eagleby Giants Juniors or Eagleby Giants Seniors for the latest club events, newsletters, game times, sponsor information and much more. You are encouraged to supply articles for the web site which can be emailed to the club secutery Jeff Barnes at:

Individual teams may not have there own facebook page.

Individual teams must yous club nominated team messenger pages only.

Only in special circunstances teams can have messenger page only if oked by  Execitive Committee. 

Non conpliance to this,  person or persons will be dealt with accordingly by the Club Executive Committee.


The South East Division Juniors also have a website where you can get all the latest league information and all game information:



All junior clubs pay a compulsory Insurance Premium as set by the QRL. The Club deems this cover as marginal for the needs of a rugby league player and in particular the older age groups.


Government legislation does not allow General Insurers to cover any costs

subject to a Medicare rebate. There may still be out of pocket expenses

applicable due to the schedule fee gap. All game or training injuries are to be reported to the TEAM MANAGER so the injury can be recorded at the club for future reference.

 Players are to obtain a claim form from the TEAM MANAGER. It is advisable that the claim form is taken with the player to the doctor/hospital, as the attending doctor is required to complete the Medical Statement section of the Claim Form (this can be done later, but may incur additional charges). Completed Claim Forms are to be returned to the TEAM MANAGER who will return it to the club. Administration will review the form and complete The Club’s Declaration section and forward onto OAMPS. A photocopy of the claim is retained on file at the Club for records.

 OAMPS will send an Acknowledgement of Claim with a claim number directly to the player/parent. Any other further requirements will also be advised at this time.



 The Club considers the compulsory insurance cover to be marginal, and the Club highly recommends Private Insurance Cover for all Players, Coaches, Managers, and Trainers etc. in particular those in the older age groups.

Claim forms must be sent off within 30 days of the accident for the

claim to be accepted. This is a very strict process.

Due to the privacy act, all enquiries regarding insurance must be made directly to Oamps-Laser Insurance on 3367 5160.



Club members wishing to report on field incidents‟ will be required to do so by contacting Club President Arthur Joyce or emailing This must be done before the Club will take action. All correspondence is to be directed in the first instance to the Club President/Secretary.



Songs sung after a game MUST NOT contain offensive language. These songs are banned and continued singing will result in steep fines from the GBJRL.




All complaints mast be emailed to

The Executive Committee shall appoint a person usually the Secretary to be in charge of receiving and dealing with complaints including managing mediation.  Under no circumstances is a member or player to contact the Rugby League Brisbane personally.

A dispute shall be initiated by a member of Eagleby Giants JRLFC by an application forwarded to

 A complaint must be lodged with the Secretary within seven (7) days of the event/matter that gave rise to the complaint.

A complaint not lodged within this period shall not be proceeded with unless otherwise determined by the Executive Committee.

The secretary shall keep a register of disputes detailing the parties involved, date lodged details and date of each step taken in the process and outcomes.

 All parties to a dispute may be represented by another member of Eagleby Giants at the hearing of the application.

 The application shall set out the facts to constitute the dispute, names and addresses against any persons (“respondents”).

 The Secretary shall forward a copy of the application to any named respondent.



Mediation is settling a dispute without legal action but relies on both parties voluntarily agreeing to participate. 

 One or two neutral mediators shall be appointed who do not take sides or sit in judgement.

 Mediation is confidential with mediators taking an oath of secrecy. Only members directly involved in the dispute attend the mediation.

The mediation session shall be undertaken within seven (7) days of the complaints being received by the Secretary or such other time the Executive Committee determines.

 If after the mediation, a dispute is considered not important, worthless or has no sufficient grounds it may, after giving the parties an opportunity to be heard dismiss the dispute. 

The Executive Committee may impose no penalty or impose any of the following penalties on the person/persons against whom the conduct is alleged:

  • a reprimand
  • suspension for a specified period
  • expulsion from membership

If the Executive Committee believes a criminal act has been committed, the matters shall be immediately referred to the Secretary for referral to the relevant law authority



The objects of the Eagleby Giants JRLFC are:

· To promote, foster, support and encourage the playing of Rugby league Football and all matters related thereto.

· To provide an affordable sporting club, this will allow all families the opportunity to play rugby league.

· To promote values, morals and healthy living through rugby league.

· To promote friendship and a positive attitude towards officials and fellow players.

· To promote a family based culture where parents, guardians and children feel safe, respected, supported and valued.


The Eagleby Giants will not tolerate anti-social behavior from players, parents/guardians or spectators.

If a player, parent/guardian or Spectator is to act in an anti-social manner they will be given a written warning by the Eagleby Giants executive committee and after an offender has received 3 written warnings that person will be banned from all Eagleby Giants events.  If the offender has a child playing for the Giants the child will be asked to leave the club.




  • Follow the “Golden Rule” - Treat all other players as you would like to be treated.
  • Play for the fun of it.
  • Play by the rules.
  • Never argue with an official. If you disagree, ask your captain or coach to approach the official during a break or after the game.
  • Control your temper. Verbal abuse of officials or other players, deliberately fouling or provoking an opponent and throwing equipment is not acceptable or permitted in any sport.
  • Work equally hard for yourself and your team. Your team's performance will benefit and so will you.
  • Be a good sport and cheer all players whether they be your team or the other team.
  • Do not interfere with, bully or take unfair advantage of another player.
  • Co-operate with your coach, team mates and opponents; without them, there would be no game.
  • Bullying will not be tolerated in any instance and will be dealt with harshly by the Club Disciplinary Committee.
  • Sickness or Injury on or off the field he or she MUST surply the club with a medical certificate clearance from a medical doctor stating the sickness or injury BEFORE they are allowed to return to train or play games. 



  • Follow the “Golden Rule” – Treat people the way you would like to be treated
  • If children are interested, encourage them to play sport. However, if a child is not willing to play, do not force him or her.
  • Focus on the child's efforts and performance rather than the overall outcome of the game. This assists the child in setting realistic goals related to his / her ability by reducing the emphasis on winning.
  • Teach children that winning isn’t everything, it’s how you play the game that is important, so the result of each game is accepted without due disappointment.
  • Encourage children to always play by the rules.
  • Never ridicule or yell at a child for making a mistake or losing a game.
  • Remember, children are involved in sport for their enjoyment, not yours.
  • Remember that children learn best from example. Applaud good players from both teams.
  • If you disagree with an official, raise the issue through the appropriate channels rather than question the official's judgment and integrity in public.
  • Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from sporting activities.
  • Understand the importance of volunteer coaches who give their time to provide recreational activities for the children and deserve your support.



  • Follow the “Golden Rule” – treat people the way you would like to be treated.
  • Demonstrate appropriate social behaviour by not using foul language, harassing players, coaches or officials.
  • Children play sport for fun. They are not playing for the entertainment of spectators only.
  • Congratulate both teams upon their performance regardless of the game's outcome.
  • Respect the official's decision and teach children to do likewise.
  • Never ridicule or scold a child for making a mistake during a game. Positive comments are motivational.
  • Condemn the use of violence in any form, be it by spectators, coaches, officials or players.
  • Show respect for your team's opponents. Without them, there would be no game.
  • Encourage players to play according to the rules and official's decisions.



At the Eagleby Giants we


One Town   One Club